Youtube’s brand new India App- Youtube Go | #Gadgetwala@Quint

Youtube Go is the Mac Aloo Tikki that global internet giant Google has done with the Youtube app. A global video network customized for India. Yeah baby. A full brand new youtube app designed exclusively for our low bandwidth sasta sundar tikau chinese phone janta. It will work on 2G, 3G and Rahul Gandhiji. You can watch viral Youtube videos, save them and even share the downloaded videos with your friends. Sounds too good to be true? But its true. Google wants Kaala chashma pe dancing Indians to use a LOT of youtube and customizing their app for our unique conditions (basically fucked up internet speeds) is the route we think is WIN WIN for all. Where’s that Apple Pen song now!
Youtube Go app will launch early next year, if you want to be among the first few data saving cool kids to use it, go to and well…sign up! What else do you want? A lap dance?



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