Unboxing Lenovo Z2 Plus : Facebook Live

Lenovo has pulled off a Spartan phone in the crowded 20k-30k flagship band with the Z2 Plus. It’s inexpensive, has great performance and good battery life. Watch my Facebook Live where I unbox this new phone-  

Cost Breakdown of an iPhone 7 | #Gadgetwala@Quint

Can you imagine how much money Apple makes on selling one iPhone 7? Find out in this exclusive video that breaks down the cost of manufacturing an iPhone 7.    

Google Pixel : Android is Finally Sexy

Google’s Pixel is much more than a flagship Android smartphone. It is a glimpse into a future powered by the company’s incredible artificially intelligent Google Assistant.    

Everything about Google Allo, Is It Safe? | #Gadgetwala@Quint

Announced in Google I/O earlier this year, the Allo chat app is finally on devices across the world. Google’s latest Instant Messaging app is fundamentally different in that it employs Google Assistant, an artificial intelligence chatbot to humanise google searches and perform simple tasks automatically. To begin with, once installed, Allo uses your phone number to get things started. It …

Apple iPhone 6S Prices Slashed by Rs.22,000! | #GadgetwalaLabs

The best thing about a brand new iphone launch is a price cut in the previous generation Apple flagships. With iPhone 7 launch around the corner, iPhone 6S and 6S plus get a massive price cut. How massive? 22,000 rupees! Which basically means, now is the BESTEST time to buy last year’s iPhone.

Youtube’s brand new India App- Youtube Go | #Gadgetwala@Quint

Youtube Go is the Mac Aloo Tikki that global internet giant Google has done with the Youtube app. A global video network customized for India. Yeah baby. A full brand new youtube app designed exclusively for our low bandwidth sasta sundar tikau chinese phone janta. It will work on 2G, 3G and Rahul Gandhiji. You can watch viral Youtube videos, …

Facebook Live : ‪#‎GadgetwalaLabs‬ Techie Tuesdays – iPhone Launch Date, Google Phone & DUO App

I went live on my Facebook Page this morning to talk about the new iPhone’s launch date, a new Google phone and the app DUO! What features would you like in the new Google Phone?    

Say Hello to Ola Select

Hey hey chummeshwari people! What is your favorite Cab app? Mine has to be Ola! I’ve been using Ola cabs app  for the last 5 years now.  I remember I first met Bhavish Agarwal, the founder of Ola Cabs in Bangalore for a story that I was doing on budding entrepreneurs from India for CNBC Awaaz. I think what struck a chord with me …

One Plus 3 | #GadgetwalaReview

It’s amazing how much anticipation a 3 year old company can build for the launch of their flagship phone. One Plus has already won the sentiments of a huge chunk of android fans across the world. Now it is all set to ensure that fondom translates to hard cash with the One Plus 3 phone. Watch the #Gadgetwala review of …

Mahindra TUV300 mHawk100 Review

In less than six months, there are more than 25000 Mahindra TUV 300s on Indian roads. Clearly, Indian car buyers are appreciating the bold styling. space optimisation and the driving dynamics of the TUV300. In a not so ordinary move however, Mahindra has launched a revised variant of the TUV300 with a newer and slightly more powerful engine, mHawk 100 …