Samsung Galaxy S8 Global Reviews

Samsung’s flagship phone Galaxy S8 will launch in India on 19th April. Before we get our hands on the most anticipated phone of 2017 and give you the #GadgetwalaReview, here’s a look at what some of the world’s most popular Tech websites have to say about the new phone.

FORBES calls Galaxy S8 the winner amidst a hectic flagship phone battle.

“Simply put: if you prioritise hardware over software then the Galaxy S8 is a far superior phone to the iPhone 7. Its display and overall design is light years ahead (stupid fingerprint sensor excluded) and it has a marginally better camera and (I’ll still bet) battery life, which charge times are in a different league. Don’t forget the expandable storage and iris scanner either. It’s an easy win.”

Trusted Reviews said:

“Phones are stale. Whether it’s an iPhone 7, Huawei P10, Sony Xperia XZ Premium or any other flagship phone, they all look and feel the same. But just when I thought a phone couldn’t surprise and delight me any more, the Samsung Galaxy S8 proved me wrong.”

Android Authority said:

“With the Galaxy S8 family, Samsung strived to make changes in just the right places, even if some bring a pretty major shift in familiarity.”

KnowYourMobile thinks Galaxy S8 will beat Apple’s unannounced iPhone 8 this year.

ZDnet thinks Galaxy S8 is better than iPhone 7 for business.

“Reports from Samsung indicate it has already pre-sold more than 728,000 units with a target of 1 million prior to the April 21 launch date.”

WIRED did a detailed review of Samsung’s virtual assistant Bixby.

“When the Galaxy S8 goes on general sale later this month, it will be missing a key feature. Samsung has confirmed to Axios that it will be shipping the flagship phone without Bixby Voice.

While Bixby will launch with Vision, Home and its notifications features, the Voice functions won’t be available until “later this spring.” The South Korean firm had previously said the full Bixby experience would be delayed and this confirms it.”

What do you think of the Galaxy S8, will you be buying one or holding off to see what Apple announces in the iPhone 8?