Samsung Galaxy S7 – Phone of the Year

I know you read the headline and said to yourself, what is Gadgetwala smoking these days? It’s only April and HTC, Sony, LG, Apple are yet to release their flagship smartphones for 2016. How can he say Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is the phone of the year. Let me answer that. A} I don’t smoke. Never have, never will! Now with that out of the way, here’s B} Samsung Galaxy S6 was a good phone that was released last year, but certainly not their greatest. It had two glaring omissions – lack of expandable storage and lack of a weather proof, water resistant body. These two issues, believe it or not matter a lot to flagship phone customers, especially when you are demanding half a lakh rupees for the said device. But in terms of design breakthrough, camera technology and taming the irritating Touchwiz UI to a minimalist skin, Galaxy S6 was a landmark device. The good folks at Samsung decided to keep everything good from S6 and build it up for the S7. So, with expandable storage, a water resistant IP 68 certified body and a fantastic new processor + RAM + GPU combo, excellent f1.7 aperture lens, and improved Touchwiz UI & battery life, Galaxy S7 is as perfect as it get to an ultimate smartphone.

Apple iPhone 7 is unlikely to include IP 68 water resistance or a MicroSD card slot, We are still unsure on what Apple’s play on Virtual Reality is going to be. With Galaxy S7, Samsung has taken a definitive leap with VR via Gear VR glasses and Gear 360, a dual lens 360 degree camera that is capable of shooting HD content for virtual reality. Samsung has taken the lead, Apple is now going to play catch-up. The battle lines have ben drawn, keep your popcorn handy, this one is going to be a mother of a match.

Meanwhile watch my 7 reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 if you are in the market for the BEST Phone in the world.

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