Himalayan Review

Here’s a ONE word review of the Royal Enfield Himalayan: CHUMMESHWARI

Here’s a One para review:

  • It rides beautifully
  • Great handling
  • Superb Center of Gravity
  • Tall upright riding position is ideal for long rides & navigating city traffic
  • Powerful 410cc engine with good low end torque
  • It can handle any weather, any road surface
  • Low on vibrations, YES! I know it’s an Enfield!
  • Looks distinctly unique
  • Good grip on tyres, good bite on the brakes
  • Built in grips for Luggage add-ons
  • Reliable distribution & servicing of Royal Enfield brand
  • The bike is tough, Are you?


You know I’m not the biggest fan of specifications and gobbledygook. So this review isn’t about poring over the details of the bike. I neither have the aptitude, nor the inclination to do it. What matters to me is the application of that the incredible R&D, science and technology. For that reason, I do not obsess over specifications of gadgets, cars or bikes. I am all about the feels baby!


Check out the features from my launch video here: Royal Enfield Himalayan Features

I test rode the Royal Enfield Himalayan this weekend in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Himalayan. Himalayas. Himachal. I hope you’re getting the drift. Through the weekend, there was snow, rain, hail, bone crushing chilly wind, fancy food at the Wildflower Hall Hotel, Hari & Sukhmani played a live gig and cocktails being served in light bulbs. But above everything else, it was a weekend where Royal Enfield would show off, proudly so, to a bunch of biking enthusiasts, what a brand new Adventure Tourer, made ground up for India, feels like.

Oh and I must admit, in the feels department, the Royal Enfield Himalayan makes you FEEL LIKE A MAN! It makes you feel, at least so long as you’re in saddle, you’re invincible. But not in an overpowering nature kind of a way, because that totally sucks and is uncool, but in a way that you, ie, Man, Machine and Mountains can live in perfect harmony. Not many machines compel me to say that.

Superior Riding Stance

Of course, the Himalayan can be your everyday motorcycle and is extremely agile for city traffic and living out the rat race (unlike most Enfields). The menacing looks might earn you the respect & fear of irritating rickshaw drivers and wheelie pulling KTM dudes in the city! But what you really get when you will buy the Himalayan; the price is approximately 1,80,000 rupees in Mumbai; what you really get, if & when you buy the Himalayan is an excuse, a solid excuse to escape your boring, mundane reality trapped in an urban jungle and head over to the real ones, in the lap of nature.


You won’t believe what I’m doing as I type this post out, map out places in and around Maharashtra that I want to visit on this bike in the next couple of months. Because, this Shimla ride may have been my first, but certainly isn’t going to be my last.

If you want a detailed, inch by inch scan and break-down of the features, head over to these reviews, written by journos I absolutely respect & admire.

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From me, you will get this!

Himalayan is a great buy for anyone looking to spend some quality time with oneself, on the road, touring, amidst nature’s bounty. The cool part is, once you’re on the Himalayan, it’s out of the way. It doesn’t dominate the environment like bullets do with their “dhag dhag dhag”. It slides into the background. It is modest like that. The bike allows you to get fully immersed in the surroundings. That, to me, is the biggest promise of Royal Enfield’s latest and greatest bike.