Lenovo P2: 5100 mAh Battery is Zabardast!

Let’s face it. While smartphones are getting thinner, their battery life is getting worse. We have more apps but way less juice in our phones to use them.

The need of the hour is a complete rethinking of the battery life issue in our mobile devices. But till then the bada hai toh behtar hai approach is probably a good approach.

Lenovo is the latest to offer a healthy 5100 mAh battery with their model P2 and OMG, it lasts for two whole days on a single charge!

If you’re looking for an Android workhorse to Tweet, Snap, Insta, Whatsapp, stream music, do Facebook live sessions, make calls and browse a ton of internet, this might just be your device. It looks great too. Although, the camera quality is strictly average. But hey, you can’t have everything in Rs. 17,999, can you?

Originally published on TheQuint.com