Kindle Oasis Review

Amazon’s Kindle has been making reading an easier and lighter hobby for the world since it launched its first E-reader in 2007. Since then, there have been multiple models with varying features and prices available to readers. Amazon’s latest model is the Kindle Oasis and the e-reader badshaah is calling this their thinnest and lightest Kindle ever.


Here is Gadgetwala’s opinion about the various new features in the Kindle Oasis.

Unlike any other Kindle before, the Oasis has introduced two buttons next to the screen. These buttons help navigate back and forth through pages in a more seamless manner than the native method of sliding the finger on the screen.




As marketed, the Kindle Oasis is the lightest Kindle ever made, being almost 50 grams lighter than the Voyage and 75 grams lighter than the Paperwhite. You barely feel the weight, even if you’re reading for hours at a time. It is smaller, thinner and sleeker than ever before which makes it comfortable to hold for longer periods of time. The new Kindle Oasis features an underside bump which is supposed to make it easier to hold in one hand. With the cover on, however, it does feel relatively heavy to hold.

Kindle Oasis also boasts the longest battery life in any Kindle model ever, and I have nothing to complain about when it comes to this perk. It has a dual battery charging system, with an inbuilt battery and a leather cover (which comes with the Kindle ) which charges the Kindle when you’re not plugged in. When connected to a charger, the battery and cover charge together. The battery can last months together after a single charge. There is a new Hibernation Mode system where the Oasis, with the cover on, goes into sleep mode to conserve battery. This whole system, in my opinion, is pure genius and any avid reader’s dream come true. ( Of course, I’m talking about myself! )

The Kindle Oasis features a 300 ppi, high resolution display which is the closest one can get to reading a printed page. The redesigned light system is built to reduce strain on eyes and it feels but natural to read from the Oasis, which doesn’t blare lights in your face like our phones and tablets do. (Yes, that’s why you can’t sleep.) Yet, the lighting system lets you read in the dimmest and the brightest of lighting conditions. You can adjust the lighting according to your reading needs using the brightness slider.

With the introduction of the new buttons, you can turn the Oasis to suit your need, depending on whether you’re right-handed or left- handed. Love the detailed focus on the needs of the customer!




When it comes to pricing, the Kindle Oasis is almost ₹ 7500 more than the Voyage and ₹ 13,000 more than the paperwhite with a starting price of ₹ 23, 999. Although it sounds reasonable considering the mandatory cover that comes along with it, it all depends on whether readers would pay close to ₹ 25,000 to purchase / upgrade to the Kindle Oasis when they could easily just read the same books on their old Kindle like the Paperwhite, which is the best e-reader you can have today or even their phones and tablets through the Kindle app.




  • The Kindle Oasis looks great, looks premium and I love the feel in my hand. This is clearly a Kindle for the premium segment, because it costs as much as a mid-tier smartphone or a full-fledged tablet but only lets you do one thing – read books.
  • There are two options to choose from – The WiFi Only Version or the WiFi with its Whispersync Technology,      ( which is Kindle’s name for a 3G connection ). This is global 3G connection and you can download a book wherever you are, whether the Bahamas or Kashmir. You never know when Chetan Bhagat will give you a missed call to tell you his new book is out.

    “The design is great, so is the battery life. For people who want an e-reader for the simple joy of reading, you can opt for the Kindle Paperwhite. For people who want something which not many people in the country will carry, you should go for the Kindle Oasis. Take that leap of faith!”

The Kindle Oasis is as good as it gets when it comes to e-readers. I’m really excited to know what will come next- maybe Amazon will come up with a foldable display ?  I mean, how else do you make the world’s best e-reader even better?


What do you think of the new Kindle Oasis? Are you thinking of purchasing one? Let me know!

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