Jio and Airtel on Ookla Speed test: Here’s the Truth.

Airtel has a brand new advertising campaign that is making waves on social media and TV claiming how they are the fastest data network in India as per Ookla’s speed tests. But Reliance Jio is clearly not happy with this and has written to Advertising Council of India saying that Airtel’s claims are untrue citing inaccurate speed test methodology.

Jio Claims: The speed test claims are untrue and speed-tests done using an android dual SIM phone only tag results from SIM slot 1 even if the data card is in SIM slot 2.

Let’s try and understand the truth behind the speed test:

Speed test done on android tags would only attribute to Voice calling sim irrespective of whether it is allocated in SIM slot 1 or 2. Eg. So if the SIM in slot 1 is a data SIM while that in slot 2 is a voice SIM, then the results are attributed to SIM 2 and not SIM 1.

Further, let’s look at a dual SIM phone with Airtel and Jio SIMs. The SIMs can be configured as 4G data or voice only (Since Jio does not have 2G/3G data). The possible combinations in which the two SIMs can be configured are:

1. Jio as 4G data and Airtel as voice only – Jio samples can be WRONGLY be attributed to Airtel.

2. Airtel as 4G data and Jio as voice only – Since Jio does not have a 2G/3G network, the Jio SIM de-registers itself in this case. Hence Airtel samples still get attributed to Airtel.

ONLY CONSIDERING SCENARIO 1: since it is not possible that Jio can get configured as a voice only SIM; the corruption of samples can only happen from Jio to Airtel and not the other way round.

What does it leave us with?

1. Pool 1 of pure Jio data samples

2. Pool 2 of Airtel data samples polluted with Jio samples

So if the aggregate speed in pool 1 is less than that in pool 2; it is evident that Airtel samples have a higher speed in spite of being polluted with samples of lesser speed since the aggregate is higher.

What does this all mean?

If we remove the polluting samples, Airtel aggregate would go EVEN higher than before. Simple maths proves that Airtel is the fastest (and even faster) data network in the country.

It is surprising that this has been so hard to understand by those who question the validity of the speed tests.