#GadgetwalaLabs: Earthquake-Proof BED

An Earthquake-proof Bed? This #GadgetwalaLabs showcase is special & potentially life-saving!

Posted by Ankit Vengurlekar on Sunday, 20 December 2015

Earthquake-Proof BED

An Earthquake-proof Bed? This #GadgetwalaLabs showcase is special & potentially life-saving!

66 year old retired Wang Wenshi of China, won a patent for his unique design of the earthquake proof bed in 2010. Ever since, he has released two videos illustrating the incredible invention.

When a quake hits, the bed’s mechanism will spring into action, slamming you into a reinforced chamber.

The beds sense when an earthquake is happening and lower the sleeper into a metal box that contains enough supplies including drinking water, canned food, and other vital materials to survive the aftermath.

What do you think of this potentially life-saving invention?

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