BAHUBALI of Computers – Apple iMac Pro

Investors. Shareholders. Business Sense. Return on Investment.

As important as these words are to the survival as a business, sometimes they can just be a PAIN IN THE ASS! Yep. That is part of the reason why I have grown slightly disillusioned and irate with Apple over the last couple of years.

The technology maverick that believed in disruption for innovation’s sake is now simply playing catch-up with its competitors in most fields, software and hardware. And a big reason for its complacency is that playing afe makes perfect business sense. Add a feature or two each year in a nauseatingly forced refresh cycle of hardware and software, increase price by a few hundred dollars and laugh your way to the bank. It is a well oiled, done and dusted formula that Apple can activate in its sleep. As a technology lover though, you feel short changed. Until, the iMac Pro was announced.

The iMac Pro is the most RIDONCULOUS computer Apple has ever built. And that’s exactly why I love it.

It is a big middle finger to consumer research reports and whatever fancy MBAs recommend in expensive consultancy reports to maintain the growth trajectory quarter on quarter. It is hardware porn for a super geeked out and super rich performance user. It is the kind of technological ambition and moonshot we love Apple for and hope they’ll do more of.

The new iMac Pro is a ridiculously powerful 5K all in one computer made because, Apple can!

The iMac Pro can have processing power up to 22 teraflops, which is a bazillion times faster than your average laptop. It has memory up to 128 GB, yes you heard it, 128 GB of RAM! There’s a brand new thermal cooling system with two fans to keep the planet from melting, and a matching wireless keyboard and mouse in space grey color keeps things menacingly understated.

iMac Pro will start selling in US in December at $5000 and will be the ultimate workhorse for 360 degree video editing, super high end graphics work, real-time 3D rendering, animation, VR, AR and then some netflixing.

Apple has also announced an update to all existing iMacs and Macbooks to Intel’s 7th generation Kaby lake processors.